Free Initial In-Home Consultation

Let's meet at your home and get to know each other a bit. We'll talk about your specific needs and offer suggestions on how we may help. Family is always welcome to participate.

Every assignment for us is unique and we want to make sure your needs are met. We provide a personalized written proposal outlining services, cost and expectations.

Even if you are just starting to think about transitioning, it's never too early to start planning.


SERVICES: What are your needs...


We design a custom moving plan that fits your needs, timeline and budget to make your transition as stress free as possible. 

Including custom floor plans of your new place. Timetables for each step of the process.


Letting go a lifetime's worth of "stuff" can be emotionally challenging. We help you decide what truly belongs with you and what can be re-purposed to family, charities, estate or online sales.  

Advice, Structure and Hands-On guidance make this most painful process much easier.


Professional and experienced packing for all of your belongings. From your most precious keepsakes to the electronics.

The Actual Move

With over 50 moving companies in Northern Utah; we know who and who not to call. We coordinate all the details for a successful and stress free move whether your going across town or across the country. 

Settling In

Lets make your new home as comfortable and familiar as possible. We can unpack boxes, hang pictures and drapery. Set up the electronic equipment or washer/ dryer. Even remove the packing materials.


The move is over, You have all you need with you. The estate sale was a success. Now let's clean-out and clean-up the house and make it ready to sell. . 

So Much To Do...

Working with the Family

We work with you and the entire family to keep everybody sane. Which is not always an easy thing thing to do with family keepsakes or heirlooms.

Assisted Living/ Senior Centers

Helping Seniors move into, or from one to another is our specialty.

Moving into a Center for the first time calls for a good bit of downsizing. We create custom floor plans so you know what you can take.


One man's trash is another man's treasure. We will evaluate and can arrange for Estate Sales, Appraisers, Antique dealers, consignment shops and online specialist, whatever best fits your needs. 

We list and photograph items of value sold or donated. 


We can stage your home or work with your Realtor to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. 

Cleaning / Leftovers

The move is over, You have all you need with you. The estate sale was a success. Now let's clean-out and clean-up the house and make it ready to sell. 

Administration/ Paperwork

The job is never done, (or often started) until the paperwork is in.

Paperwork for a new facility. Change of address for the mail, newspaper, magazines and utilities. 



SOS is not a cost: consider our services an investment in your time and sanity.

We're named Services for a reason. Every move has different requirements. We provide a written proposal outlining our service(s), cost and expectations. Considering that most movers charge on how much stuff you have. We can actually save you money in the end.

Our business is built around referrals, and we want to earn yours.