Common Situations - SOS knows that every one is unique.


* You are overwhelmed at the thought of downsizing.

You have lived in your home for 20, 30, 40 years and have accumulated so much. Most of it will not fit into the Patio Home or the Assisted Living Center you're moving into.

* You are the care giver for your parents and need help.

You just can't spend as much time helping as you would like. Life, work, your own family all take up valuable time and you need help. It's what we do.

* You're only moving from one Senior Community to another.

You just need a quality mover at a fair price that you can trust. 

* You have Power of Attorney or are The Estate Executor.

This responsibility is often left to a surviving child or family member. This is a difficult challenge often mixed with emotion and limited time resources. Whether you are local or across the country, we can help you with the decisions to properly attend to the items left behind. 

* You have a lot of valuables that the kids don't want.

We will evaluate and if needed can arrange for Estate Sales, Appraisers, Antique dealers, consignment shops and online specialist, whatever best fits your needs. Photographing and listing items sold or donated.

* You are staying in our home but need to downsize.

We use the same structured approach for staying as for moving. Our guidance and hands on help will leave you with a healthier, happier and less cluttered home.